The Advantages and Disadvantages of Pro Se Divorce

Those who consider representing themselves in their divorce case must first think about the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. One does not need to be a licensed professional in order to represent their position successfully in court. However, if they are considering pro se divorce, they must ensure that they fully understand what they may possibly gain or lose from the procedure as an unlicensed individual.

pro se divorce

Advantages of Pro Se Legal Representation

 A spouse who chooses to take their divorce matter alone should be certain that they have knowledge about applicable divorce laws. Every state has a complex and unique family law, so it is necessary for a spouse to know his or her rights and responsibilities. It would also require him or her to be familiar with the county court and the filing procedures. He or she should have the necessary documents related to the divorce.

When they are educated about the laws and procedures, they may consider pro se divorce and the advantages that come with this process are:

  • Cost – Divorce is usually less expensive when a spouse does it on his own. If he or she does not hire a lawyer, he or she can save some money, which can be used to begin a life after divorce.
  • Control – The spouse has total control and power over the procedure. He and she can maintain full control of the issue and implement every decision on their own.

Then again, the procedure needs thorough attention to detail. If they do not have any knowledge of the divorce matters, they might miss a crucial step in the procedure.

Advantages of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Self-representation could be enough in some divorce situations, but it is still best to consider a lawyer who could effectively represent their interests. Lawyers have legal knowledge and their experience is very important.

divorce-lawyerAdvantages of Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

  • Expert Representation – Divorce lawyers are updated on the law and any significant changes. They can use the law to obtain the best possible result in a divorce case. For instance, if a marriage has complex issues to settle, a lawyer could deal with these matters within the circumstances of the proceeding. The couple might have issues with child custody and support, as well as legal battles regarding assets, liabilities, etc.
  • Less Stress – It may be overwhelming, tiring, and confusing if the spouse would spend his or her time studying the basic laws related to divorce. This is not what he or she has to deal with as he or she faces the end of their relationship. There is already a great deal of stress connected with marriage dissolution. A lawyer could help eliminate the anxiety related with a legal issue.
  • Expertise – A divorce lawyer could prevent common mistakes. For instance, a spouse may underestimate the value of a particular asset which may cause issues when dividing the properties.
  • Timely Procedures – Divorce lawyers can handle problems with paperwork or issues that can delay the divorce procedure. They make sure that the paperwork is prompt to help speed up the dissolution process.

When going through a marriage dissolution procedure, spouses must think hard before deciding on a pro se divorce. They can handle it on their own if they have the legal knowledge, but an expert lawyer by their side can help get the best possible results.

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