How Does a Parent Win Full Custody of a Child?

What happens to the children when their parents separate? Some parents have shared custody of their children while some agree that one parent will have full custody.

Full custody means that the physical custody of the child is given solely to one parent while the other is granted visitation rights under certain conditions. When spouses divorce, they usually fight over the custody of their child or children in court. What happens during the process? How is one granted full custody of a child? There are certain standards a parent has to meet.

The first basis is demeanor in court. The parent has to show that he or she is fit for sole custody. Outburst of emotions is a common scenario in the courtroom but one has to stay calm and well-mannered while the trial is going on. How does the parent react to stress and anger? This is an important question to be answered. If one shows that he or she cannot manage his or her emotions well, that parent might not be granted the custody.

Another factor is how the parent dresses up when going to the court trials. Impression is important. The parent has to show that his or her lifestyle is apt for raising a child. While the fashion statement is not a definite basis of somebody’s lifestyle, a presentable appearance in court will still be a plus in showing that a parent is capable of supporting his or her child. The parent filing for full custody of a child should wear formal attire and avoid casual clothes.

The parent should prepare reasons that will prove that the child will do best under his or her custody. However, it is often best for parents to share the custody of their children. A child is best raised in an environment where he or she can be with both parents. This is only false under certain circumstances. Is one parent psychologically incapacitated? Is domestic violence involved? Did the child develop fear or anxiety because of one of the parents? The most valid reasons should be clearly stated and proven. The parent may use reports from psychologists or other documents that would solidify the claims.

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In relation to showing concrete evidence, the court will monitor the parent’s custody preparedness. Before filing for full custody, a parent should already have a reliable lawyer, a comfortable place for the child to live in, a job and enough salary to provide for the child’s daily needs.

As long as the parent who filed for full custody could meet all of the requirements stated, he or she will win the case. If not, he or she can make certain adjustments and file an appeal in court.

Before filing for full custody of a child, the parent should be confident that it is the best decision for the child. Proper communication is a must. Parents who file for sole custody should ask, “Does my child want to live with me?” If the answer is no, the parent may talk to the other and make arrangements that will benefit all of them. Nonetheless, the presence of a lawyer while they have their talk is recommended so that they could have signed documents of what they have agreed upon.

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